Health Insurance Information

Summary of Insurance Coverages of Intercollegiate Athletic Injuries at Connecticut College

Primary Coverage:
All student-athletes are required to carry primary insurance, whether it is private (parental) insurance or the school sponsored student health plan.*  All medical bills must first be submitted to a student-athlete's primary insurance.  The college has purchased excess accident policies to help cover any remaining balances for medical claims related to a sports injury.

*The Connecticut College Student Health Plan has an exclusion for intercollegiate sports injuries. It is important that student-athletes give the Excess Accident Insurance billing information when seeking medical treatment for a sports

Secondary Coverage:
Expenses not covered by primary insurance and shown as the student-athlete’s responsibility on the primary policy’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) (denials, deductibles, coinsurance, etc.) are eligible for coverage through the Mandatory Student Accident Plan and Intercollegiate Sports Policy.  Claims are processed at 100% Usual & Customary for covered expenses.

The Mandatory Student Accident plan covers the first $10,000 in claims. Once the benefit limit under this plan is met for an intercollegiate sports injury then claims are processed from $10,000 up to $90,000 under the Intercollegiate Sports Policy. 

Both policies are processed by the same Claims Administrator, BMI Benefits, to ensure a smooth claims process.

Tertiary Coverage:
Every intercollegiate sports injury that incurs costs in excess of $90,000 are eligible for coverage under the NCAA’s Catastrophic Insurance Program.

The MSA/ICS insurance ID card, plan coverages, and claim filing procedures can be viewed here: Student-Athlete Insurance Information.

***Please be aware that these policies will only apply if the athlete is referred to a provider by a member of the Sports Medicine or Student Health Services staffs.  Self-referrals should be submitted to the athlete's private insurance.

Athletics Injury Insurance Claim/Reimbursement Instructions

A Sports Injury Claim form must be submitted by a member of the Sports Medicine Staff on behalf the student-athlete to Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk, the Insurance Broker who handles Connecticut College’s Excess Athletic Accident Insurance policy.

This policy does not replace your primary insurance – all claims must be submitted to primary insurance first, as this policy is excess to all other valid and collectable insurance plans. It is each athlete’s responsibility to initially provide their primary health insurance information to each medical provider at the time of treatment, as well as the Excess Athletic Insurance Information. This policy is designed to cover any remaining balances of expenses related to a covered injury/accident that are not covered by the student-athlete’s primary insurance* (co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance, etc.).

To ensure that claims are covered under the Excess Athletic Accident Insurance student-athletes are asked to give the billing information to each medical provider prior to every medical treatment and/or service for an athletic related injury.  However, if this is not done and a bill ensures, the following actions must be fulfilled by the student-athlete in order to pay the claim:

1. Call the medical provider’s Billing Department (Telephone number found on statement).

2. Inform the Billing Department that you have another insurance policy through the college’s athletic department.

3. Give the Billing Department the Excess Athletic Accident Insurance policy information:
  • Claims Company: BMI Benefits
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 511
  • Matawan, NJ 07747
  • Phone Number: (800) 445-3126
  • Fax Number: (732) 583-9610
  • Email:
  • ID Number: 11SPD8325106
  • Group Name: CTCOLL Current Academic Year (Ex --> CTCOLL202122) 
4. Ensure that the Billing Department will send the following documents to BMI Benefits:
  • HCFA-1500 or UB04 Form (for the date(s) of service listed on statement/bill)
  • Primary insurance EOB (for the date(s) of service listed on statement/bill)

5. For reimbursement of bills already paid out of pocket, forward all receipts and/or proof of payment to Gallagher Student Health along with the above documentation.

Please Note: you may contact Gallagher Student Health at (877) 345-8928. The representatives are specialized in Connecticut College’s policy and can help answer any questions that you may have.

*There is exclusion for intercollegiate sports injuries on the Connecticut College Student Health Insurance Program. It is very important that all medical providers are aware of the Excess Athletic Accident Insurance to cover the bills for student-athletes on the SHIP.

Contact Information

Insurance Broker
Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk
500 Victory Road
Quincy, MA 02171
Phone: (877) 345-8928
Fax: (617) 479-0860

May answer questions regarding:
• Benefits & Eligibility
• Claims Assistance
• Parent / Athlete Questions

Claims Company
BMI Benefits
PO Box 511
Matawan, NJ 07747
Phone: (800) 445-3126
Fax: (732) 583-9610

May answer questions regarding:

• Claims Status
• Claims Processing
• Online Claims Status