Visiting Team Information

Teams visiting Connecticut College may access the Sports Medicine Facility, which is located off of the multi-purpose rubber courts in the Charles B. Luce Field House.  The facility will be open approximately 2 hours prior to most events, and for 30 minutes following the conclusion of the competition

Visiting Certified Athletic Trainers may utilize any of our modalities (electrical stimulation, ultrasound, whirlpool, laser, hot packs, and ice). Water and ice will be provided at the competition site, and we will also provide you with bottles if needed.   

If your team is traveling WITHOUT a Certified Athletic Trainer
Please inform the Connecticut College Sports Medicine staff of your team's needs by email or telephone prior to their arrival.  We will be happy to assist your athletes with their taping and wrapping needs provided that they bring their own supplies.  Ice will be provided upon request.  We will not provide any other modality treatments in the absence of a Certified Athletic Trainer from the visiting school.